Pinot Noir / Schwarzriesling 2017



Order Code WBNS

Type Red
Vintage 2017
Producer Bechtel Frey
Appellation Rheinhessen
Country Germany
Pour at  55°
Slightly Fruity 2

Another amazing blend from our winemaker family in Rheinhessen Germany. This incredible blend of Schwarzriesling and Pinot Noir will be something to never forget. Schwarzriesling or also known as ” Black Riesling” is a fruity red grape that is best served chilled like you would a white. Its sweetness and acidity levels are so similar to Riesling and no wonder we love it so much! When blended with Pinot Noir, this blend shows intense deep color with flavors of frambois, blackberry and hints of bright fresh picked cherry.

70% Pinot Noir / 30% Schwarzriesling

12 bottles per case